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Drainage Cavity

A rainscreen cavity stucco system deflects, drains and dries rain. It is simply a better way to clad the exterior walls of buildings.

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RainGuard Mega Rainscreen System

RainGuard Mega utilizes IMASCO components and Structa Wire’s Mega Lath to create a cavity system that satisfies code requirements and will withstand negative and positive wind loads.

RainGuard Mega can also be used with steel–stud applications and over drainage mats.


  • Mega Lath for superior stucco reinforcement
  • Limits the bellows effect created by negative/positive wind loads
  • Code compliant 10mm cavity

Rainguard Vinyl Cavity Systems (VCS) Rainscreen System

This rainscreen cavity stucco system deflects, drains and dries rainwater. It incorporates Vyna Strap, a window grade vinyl performing as a drainage cavity, which fully supports the stucco materials.

To complete the RainGuard Vinyl Cavity Systems, choose from a variety of basecoat and finish options.


  • Vyna Strap, a window grade vinyl that is 37% lighter than plywood and made of 80% recycled content.
  • Vyna Strap meets the National Building Code's 10mm cavity requirement.
  • Vyna Strap and IMASCO's stucco qualifies for LEEDS points.
  • Experienced and reputable independent installers who have been trained and certified by IMASCO.