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We Deliver Certainty

We are family-owned and operated, with a modern manufacturing plant in Surrey, BC, and serve Western Canada, and the Northwestern United States.


  • Petroleum-based cladding material costs have soared, as seen with EIFS and vinyl siding. Lime and cement costs have only increased moderately.
  • We exclusively use our own locally-sourced limestone in our products. These naturally occurring raw materials are acrylic resin-free and are not petroleum-based. As such, our prices remain stable and our products readily available.


  • Supply chain issues have created shortages of material inputs for many products, especially petroleum derivatives.
  • IMASCO maintains its inventory and plans well ahead to anticipate your needs.


  • Transportation challenges have increased costs and limited access to many materials.
  • Our manufacturing plant is in Surrey, BC, serving Western Canada and the Northwestern United States—this translates into lower transportation costs for you.

Our products offer:

  • High value-for-price
  • Breathability
  • Durability / last lifetime of building
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Value
  • Non-combustible
  • Seismic stability and safety
  • Wide variety of textures
  • Suitable for almost any construction project – interior or exterior
  • Suitable for all types of rainscreen systems