EIFS Finishes

EIFS Finishes




Provides a flat, uniformly absorbent, colour–coordinated surface for application of IMASCO acrylic finishes. As a surface preparation for water–based finishes, IMASCO Prime helps colour coordinate the substrate with the finish. It also enhances colour consistency, reduces flashing, increases texture consistency, improves bond strength and coverage, and increases working time in hot, dry weather.

FlexCoat Acrylic


Flexible 100% acrylic–based coating that is weather, fade and UV resistant and able to bridge hairline cracks in stucco.

Perfector Acrylic


Weather, stain and mold resistant, 100% acrylic–based coating. IMASCO Perfector Acrylic Finish is available in Fine Sandfloat, Medium Sandfloat and Definition Medium textures. The sandfloat finishes produce a sand–like or positive texture, while definition medium finish produces a negative or rilled texture.

Evolution Acrylic Finish


IMASCO Evolution Acrylic Finish is a weather resistant, 100% acrylic based coating designed for application over EPS foam board, Imasco GreatWall, portland cement plaster, cast–in–place concrete, and other approved substrates. It is available in a variety of colours and can be floated or textured. This finish is integrally coloured and fade resistant.

Canvas Acrylic


A weather resistant 100% acrylic–based coating designed to provide a wide variety of artistic finishes. Canvas Acrylic accepts a full range of tints to satisfy the most imaginative designer.