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Can I add admixtures (e.g. lime, fire clay or soap) to IMASCO’s proprietary stucco colour coat?

Can I change brands of cement on panels or walls?

Can I proceed with colour coat application if the basecoat has moisture present?

Can over spraying of extraneous material such as paint, gypsum plaster, sealants, etc., cause non–uniform suction of the basecoat?

Does dash coat provide relatively consistent colour uniformity?

How can I correct colour variation?

How can I prevent a difference in thickness of basecoat plaster?

How can I prevent stucco stains on a building?

How do I apply cold joints in brown coat?

How do I apply popcorn (broom) dash texture?

How do I prevent uneven drying on my basecoat?

How do I prevent water from gutters and down spouts from causing pigment migration?

How long should the colour coat be mixed?

Should finish applications on one elevation be done with the same type of float?

Should I offset joinings in scratch and brown coat?

What can cause a difference in thickness of the basecoat plaster?